50 Cent discusses The Game’s “What’s Up, Gangsta” statements

The rapper has claimed credit for the song “What Up Gangsta.”

My response is, “C’mon on, bro. That happened before you even joined us, so you missed it. That was long before I met you,'” Fif explained

No one of us had heard of him until much later. In your desperation, you might say anything.

Wack 100 has long claimed that The Game, who has a long-running dispute with G-leader, Unit’s co-wrote “What Up Gangsta.”

In March, when asked if it was true that 50 had written a handful of tracks for The Documentary, Wack 100 made the remark in a Clubhouse conversation.

The rapper Wack began his rendition of “What Up Gangsta” by saying, “I’m going to speak on something you don’t never speak on,

echoing the song’s famous chorus. Sayings like “What up cousin, What up Blood, What up Gangsta” Which author do you attribute that to?

 I’m going to ignore it for now… Please, bro, no chest-beating.