How to Reset And Unlock att phone AT&T Z221

Unlock att phone :This article will assist you to unlock and reset/hard setting the AT&T Z221. Follow this entire guide, and you’ll end up unlocking and stiff resetting your phone.

How to Reset And Unlock att phone AT&T Z221

What is Hard Reset/Factory reset?

Factory reset and hard reset are two similar processes performed on your smartphone to reset the factory default settings. In simple terms, after a hard reset, your phone will go back to the original state it did at the time of unboxing. It was completely original, without any personal data of the user.

Resetting hard will also result in data loss to your smartphone. It will be impossible to be in a position to access your data on your phone following hard resetting or factory reset since this process erases your data altogether. To avoid data loss, it is recommended to take a complete backup to your mobile.

The need for a hard reset/factory reset is urgent.

There are times when you’re getting stuck in various scenarios in which you’ll require a hard reset of your device to fix the problem completely. A few of the most common problems are listed below:

  • Forgot Pin/Password/Password?
  • Software Related Problem
  • Lagging
  • Problem with Battery Drainage
  • Black Screen Issue

These are the most frequent issues that everyone encounters. In addition, there could be some other problems that can be solved with the arduous reset/factory reset process.

Guide to Hard Reset/Factory Reset Unlock att phone

There are a variety of methods using which you can hard reset or factory reset your phone.

Hard Reset/Factory reset Using the Phone Settings

  • Open the options on the Unlock att phone AT&T Z221.
  • Search for the settings tab and select”Restore Factory Settings” from the menu in the settings menu. “Restore factory Settings” option.
  • Then, it will prompt you to type your phone’s login details to begin the factory reset operation.
  • Enter the following codes 1122, 0000 432112345.
  • These are the security default codes used by the manufacturer.
  • Finally, follow selecting the “Yes” option to reset your AT&T Z221. AT&T Z221.
  • Once you have completed the process is complete; then you’re all set to go.

Reset the computer by hard or factory reset By Using Master Reset Coding (One)

  • Take the AT&T Z221.
  • Call to dial *2767*3855#.
  • When dialling the above code, you’ll see an option “Restore factory settings”.
  • Select the appropriate option order to begin the factory reset process.
  • If you are asked for the password, input any code from the below.

0000, 1122, 432112345

Hard Reset/Factory Reset Master Reset Coding (Two)

  • Take the Unlock att phone AT&T Z221.
  • Next, dial for*#*#7780 #*#*.
  • When dialling the code above, you’ll see”Restore Factory Settings” as an option “Restore the factory setting”.
  • Choose the correct option order to begin the factory reset process.
  • If you are asked for the password, input any code from the below.

0000, 1122, 432112345

AT&T Z221 phone. In addition, One method that could be useful in resolving various kinds of problems immediately is a hard reboot or restart of your phone. Follow the following section to learn how to reset your phone and hard restart it.

Reboot/Hard Restart AT&T Z221

  • Check have your AT&T Z221 is in an “ON” state.
  • Now, please take off the battery of your AT&T Z221 to let it sit for a short time. (5 mins)
  • Following the five-minute time duration, plug the battery in your AT&T Z221.
  • Turn on your AT&T Z221 “ON” by pressing and pressing the “Power” button “Power” button.
  • Once your phone is turned on, The complicated rebooting process is completed successfully.


If you’ve got this specific Unlock att phone AT&T Z221 and you’ve forgotten the pin or password, this guide could help. Following this guideline, you’ll be able to factory reset or complex reset your AT&T Z221 using this guide. Restart your AT&T Z221 using a variety of methods. Most importantly, you will learn how to reboot Hard or Reboot AT&T Z221.

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