The Sims 4: How to Bring Life Back to a Sim?

The Sims 4 simulates love and losses. If a Sim dies too soon in The Sims 4, you may bring them back to life. Learn how to revive a sim here.

Book of Life in The Sims 4

A sim with the writing talent and ‘Bestselling Author’ desire may compose a Book of Life and link it to their soul. The sim must die first. You can resuscitate a Book of Life-bound sim if they die.

Bestselling Author desire grants this instantaneously. Enter cheat:

The Sims 4


The cheat completes the current milestone. Enter the cheat four times to unlock the Book of Life ambition.

Ambrosia in The Sims 4

Ambrosia may be offered to a summoned ghost to turn it back into a live sim.

To summon a ghost sim, pick the ‘Mourn’ prompt on their gravestone or urn. Ghosts will ultimately pass on, therefore you must grieve them before they do.

To produce Ambrosia, you must max up both cooking and gourmet cooking. The recipe requires:

  • Death Flower
  • Angel Fish
  • Potion of Youth (can be bought from the rewards store for 1500 satisfaction points)

Once you have all the ingredients, cook Ambrosia on a stove or in a fridge and add the ghost to your family if you have enough friendship. When the ghost is added to the household, have them consume the ambrosia and return to the living.

Death Flower

After gardening level 10, a rare seed package contains a death flower. The 1,000 simoleon seed packs may include a Death Flower.

Use the ‘bb.showhiddenobjects’ hack or graft plants to obtain a Death Flower.

For level 5 gardening, you may graft a Death Flower plant. Afterward, graft these plants:

  • Cherry to Apple to make Pomegranate.
  • Lily to Snapdragon to make Orchid.
  • Pomegranate to Orchid to make Death Flowers.

Angel Fish

Angel Fish are rare and may be seen in Willow Creek or near the Caliente Household at Oasis Springs. This unusual fish may be caught at any level, although it may take a few attempts. Ambrosia may use any grade fish.

Dedeathify Spell in The Sims 4

Spellcaster sims may learn the Dedeathify spell in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. Your sim must master Untamed School of Magic to cast the spell.

If the ghost you want to revive isn’t in your family, your sim may use the Necrocall magic to summon it.

Ask the Untamed sage to teach you magic, or battle other spellcasters for knowledge. Three Sages, masters of the three magic arts, roam Magic HQ.

You may level up your magic by practising on your own; disperse your charge regularly to prevent death by overload.

Use cheats to learn the spell quickly:

spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_4_Resurrect

Wishing Well in The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff Pack includes a wishing well. Your sim may wish for resurrection using it. Make a monetary donation to brighten the well’s mood. If the well is happy, it’ll grant your request.

The well may grant your request if you’re in a good mood, reject it, or offer you an Ambrosia ingredient.

100 simoleons will reduce the well’s mood, while 5,000 will boost it and improve your wish’s chances. A response to 1,000 simoleons is 50/50. If the sacrifice is repeated, the well will get angry.

Plead with the Grim Reaper in The Sims 4

When the Grim Reaper reaps a soul, you may always appeal. Depending on your attitude, he may spare your sim; confident sims have a better chance.

You may also trade Grim a death flower for a sim’s life.

Sims’ Revival Cheats for The Sims 4

Turn off auto-age, then enter ‘testingcheats true’ followed by ‘death.toggle’ to deactivate death in The Sims 4.

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