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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review: Excellent Foldable Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review: Samsung didn’t innovate its clamshell-style foldable, but the Galaxy Z Flip 4 keeps the company’s crown.

Samsung’s Unpacked event met expectations. We received Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4.

The Z Flip 4 has a two-tone clamshell design, twin back cameras, and an exterior cover display. New?
Iterative refining is key for the Fold 4 and Flip 4, but particularly for the Flip. It looks and handles like its predecessor.

Samsung has emphasised how customer input influenced the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s design.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review: Design

  • thinner bezels and a smaller hinge than the Z Flip 3
  • With a Gorilla Glass Victus Plus back and an armour aluminium frame.
  • water resistance with IPX8 certification

If you’ve seen the Z Flip 3, the upcoming Z Flip 4 may not seem different.

It has a classic straight-sided design (with less rounding this time), with a black ‘visor’ along the back that housing two rear camera sensors and the external cover display. The rear is made of Gorilla Glass Victus Plus and Armor Aluminum.

Bespoke Edition buyers may mix and match back and frame colours in some regions. Launch colours are Graphite, Pink Gold, Bora Purple, and Blue.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review: Display

  • Folding AMOLED 6.7-inch Full HD+ with variable refresh rate (1Hz to 120Hz)
  • 20% more durable than Flip 3 thanks to UTG 2.0 (ultra-thin glass)
  • External Cover Display, 1.9-inch Super AMOLED

Like the Flip 3, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 has a 6.7-inch Full HD+ (2640 x 1080) ‘Dynamic AMOLED 2X’ display with a 120Hz refresh rate that can scale down to 1Hz to save power.

Resolution-appropriate visual quality. The crease is not visible when viewed head-on and is scarcely felt beneath a finger, making use virtually as excellent as on a standard candy bar smartphone, but with a 22:9 aspect ratio.

The form requires two-handed usage, but it’s great for split-screen multitasking and ultra-widescreen gaming or movie playing.

Samsung’s UTG 2.0 protects the primary screen. The firm says it’s 20% stronger than before and (surprisingly) repels scratches (although there are subtle indents visible in the top-layer screen protector when viewed against the light).

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review: Performance & Specs

  • Chipset Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 at the top of the line
  • across all models, 8GB RAM
  • brand-new 512GB storage option (UFS 3.1)

Some Samsung flagships, including the Galaxy S series, operate on Snapdragon or Exynos CPUs, depending on the market. Performance and camera behaviour might vary greatly between the two versions, mainly favouring Snapdragon.

Samsung’s Exynos CPUs aren’t in the newest Galaxy Z foldables, assuring uniform performance worldwide.

The Flip 4 prioritises mobility above productivity, yet it’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip.

That’s the same chipset as Asus’ Zenfone 9 and ROG Phone 6.

This Snapdragon has 8GB of RAM. It’s enough, but the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has 12GB.

Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

  • 3,700 mAh of power (up from 3,300mAh on Flip 3)
  • 15W of wireless power, 25W of wired power, and 4.5W of reverse wireless power
  • Daylong battery life is once again not possible.

The Z Flip 4 weights a few grammes more (187g vs. 183g) than Samsung’s previous clamshell, but with good cause.

Previous Flip’s low battery life wasn’t shocking given its 3,300mAh capacity. In actuality, consumers couldn’t get a day’s usage from the phone’s hardware. Samsung added a 3,700mAh battery to the Z Flip 4 to solve the issue.

Despite a 12% increase in capacity, it extends the Flip 4’s battery life. Adaptive display, intelligent power management, and a new battery performance profile menu aid with this.

The Flip 4 charges quicker than its predecessor, at 25W through cable charging and 15W wirelessly, plus 4.5W reverse wireless charging (which Samsung terms ‘wireless power sharing’). It’s a good year-on-year increase, but as with longevity, it pushes the needle from ‘lacking’ to ‘acceptable’

Purchase it if..

  • You want the very best clamshell foldable available: The Z Flip 4’s style, pricing, and utility make it the best clamshell foldable available.
  • You love taking selfies: The exterior Cover Display and the phone’s tiny size make it one among the finest for selfies.
  • You want a compact phone: If you can afford it, the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s unique form shape makes it a wonderful tiny phone with a huge display.

don’t purchase it If…

  • You’re accident prone: Samsung’s 2022 foldables are more sturdy than ever, and there are official covers to protect the Z Flip 4, but it’s still more fragile than a candy bar phone.
  • You want zoom photography: The Z Flip 4’s camera is adaptable due to its folding design and FlexCam capability, although zoomed shots should be avoided.
  • You need a phone with good battery life: Samsung recognised the Z Flip 3’s battery life would be a weakness, but the Flip 4’s is still mediocre.

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