Realm Royale Reforged: All the Information you Need to Know

Realm Royale Reforged reimagines the popular game. Realm Royale Reforged attempts to remould the free-to-play fantasy battle royale by mixing new and old features. Here’s all you need to know about the game.

Return of Armour: Realm Royale Reforged

Since armour is back in Realm Royale, runes are no longer used. There are four basic types of armour, and each one offers its user special advantages:

  • Helm: Increased Cooldown reduction
  • Breastplate: Additional Armour, plus Armour and Health per second
  • Gauntlets: Increased Reload and Weapon Swap speed
  • Greaves: Increased Movement speed and Mount speed
Realm Royale Reforged
  • Skull and Bones has been postponed yet Again

Armor comes in various rarities and may be improved in Forges, much like Weapons and Abilities.

Emphasis on Classes in the Game

The main goal of Realm Royale Reforged is to restore the uniqueness of each Class. Any Class could use any weapon or skill prior to this. Certain weapons and skills are now restricted to members of certain Classes.

Realm Royale Reforged: Class-Specific Abilities

Movement Abilities

You cannot delete or switch your class-specific movement abilities in the game. The following list summarises the Movement Abilities attributed to each Class:

  • Warrior: Heroic Leap
  • Hunter: Grapple Hook (New)
  • Mage: Soar
  • Assassin: Blink

Realm Royale Reforged: Class-Specific Weapons 

Class Weapons are exclusively used by their Class. Hi-Rez Studios wants to introduce additional Weapons to each Class eventually. Realm Royale Reforged Class Weapons:

  • Warrior
    • Throwing Axe
    • Long Sword
  • Hunter
    • Longbow
    • Crossbow
  • Mage
    • Fire Staff
    • Ice Staff
  • Assassin
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Heirloom Rifle

Realm Royale Reforged: Class Chests

The newest Reforged Class Chests in Realm Royale include armour, weapons, and skills that are unique to each class.

New Capabilities in the Game

Combat Abilities

Combat Abilities combine Support and Offense. In the first two ability bar spaces, you may equip Combat Abilities. Some Combat Abilities are Class-locked while others are Universal.

Universal Combat Abilities

Lightfoot Potion – Throw a flask that increases mobility and jump height.

Class Combat Abilities

  • Assassin
    • Decoy – Spawn a clone that shoots while the user gains brief invisibility.
  • Warrior
    • Enrage – Go Berserk with superhuman strength, gaining increased Attack Speed, Life Steal, and damage dealt.
  • Mage
    • Fireball – Cast a blazing fireball at your enemy.

New Weapons in the Game

Universal Weapons

  • Auto Sniper Rifle – A long-range semi–Auto Sniper Rifle capable of scoping. 

Class Weapons

  • Mage
    • Fire Staff – Hurls fireballs at your target, dealing AOE damage.
    • Ice Staff – Shoots icicle projectiles, dealing damage and slowing your target by 20%.

New Cosmetics in the Game

To honour Realm Royale’s veteran gamers, the OG Bundle will be given to everyone having a pre-Reforged account. OG Bundle:

  • OG Warrior Skin
  • OG Hunter Skin
  • OG Mage Skin
  • OG Assassin Skin
  • OG Chicken Skin
  • OG Warrior Avatar
  • OG Hunter Avatar
  • OG Mage Avatar
  • OG Assassin Avatar
  • OG Loading Screen
  • Wipe the Floor Spray

Realm Royale Reforged’s first Update will award players the Forged in Fire Bundle. This bundle includes:

  • Phoenix Chicken Skin
  • Phoenix Skydive Skin
  • Realm Champions Loading Screen
  • Realm is Bok Baby! Loading Screen
  • Don’t Look Back Loading Screen
  • I’m Bok Avatar
  • Hearts Ablaze Avatar
  • Fired Up Spray
  • Down in Flames Spray

Changes to Game Mode Queues in the Game

Duos and Squads are gone from the game at launch. Realm Royale’s community is too small for many playlists. So, acquire more genuine gamers and less NPCs. Solos and Trios provide more balanced gaming.

That’s Realm Royale Reforged. Realm Royale is returning with Hi-Rez Studios’ full backing after a sabbatical. Realm Royale Reforged has new content and updates.

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