Poco X3 Pro Review: Budget Gaming Monster

The Poco X3 Pro sounds like an enhanced version of the Poco X3 NFC, right? It is and it is not. Xiaomi’s Poco X3 Pro is faster than the Poco X3 NFC. This is one of the finest Fortnite/CoD/game phone deals. The Poco X3 NFC is superior in certain ways. Its camera is better than the Poco X3 Pro’s, and not only because it has more pixels. The Pro tends to blur fine detail and has weak midtone contrast.

The phone’s Snapdragon 860 chipset isn’t free. Compromised. Thankfully, they’re mostly caught on camera. In our Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro review, we’ll discuss its 120 Hz screen, amazing battery life, and lack of fundamental Android performance issues.

We’d love 5G. No. The Moto G 5G Plus costs the same and features 5G. Will playing games at the same frame rate as last year’s top phones matter to many? Naturally.

Poco X3 Pro: Design

  • plastic architecture (bar the display glass)
  • At 165.3 x 76.8 x 9.4 mm, it is big.
  • Quite hefty at 215g

The phone resembles the Poco X3 NFC. You’ll loathe it. The back cover has a huge ‘Poco’ logo. When you leave the phone on a table, you’re advertising for the brand.

It’s not as awful as Realme’s competitors’ ‘Dare to Leap’ motto. Facebook-worthy inspirational quotes are another matter. Nope. The Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro’s rear has matte and glossy glass strips. Plastic. Xiaomi’s Poco X2 has a glass back, while the X3 NFC is mostly plastic. Screen cover and camera layer lack glass.

Poco X3 Pro

Display of Poco X3 Pro

  • smooth scrolling at 120 Hz
  • a large 6.67-inch 20:9 display space
  • Resolution of 1080 x 2400 is sufficient.

The Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro’s size is due to its screen. It’s worthwhile.

6.67-inch IPS LCD with 1080 x 2400 resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. All three perceptions are positive. The phone’s screen is crisp, the colors are bright, and the size gives you the impression it’s intended for gaming and video. Poco phones are popular among tech lovers.

Excellent deal for a 120Hz screen. Switching between 60Hz and 120Hz improves Android menu scrolling.

Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro: Camera

  • 48MP underperforms a number of its major competitors.
  • supple but practical 8MP ultra-wide camera
  • inadequate 2MP depth and macro cameras

Xiaomi sacrificed the Poco X3 Pro’s camera to include a high-end CPU at a cheap price.

It has class-typical hardware. 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide, and 2MP macro and depth cameras. Numbers are good. We’re accustomed to cheap phones’ “filler” cameras.

Poco X3 Pro’s primary camera performs lower than Xiaomi’s Poco X3 NFC and Redmi Note 10 Pro.

The X3 Pro muddles texture details that family members drew with precision. Midtone contrast is poorer, and it uses more detail-eroding noise reduction.

As predicted from an inexpensive 8MP sensor, images are soft, especially in ultra-wide.

Battery Life of Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

  • even at 120Hz mode, the battery life is really excellent.
  • reasonably rapid charging
  • 5,160 mAh in size

Poco X3 Pro and Poco X3 NFC both have 5160mAh batteries. Even with a powerful CPU, its endurance is outstanding.

We left 120Hz display mode on while testing and had 40% or more charge at day’s end.

We watched the level one day. 7am until 11:30pm, we still had 48%. After a day of surfing, gaming, and audio streaming.
It lost additional energy overnight and required charging by midday the next day. Lighter users might anticipate two days from the the phone.

We don’t believe non-gamers should purchase the phone. You can play an hour a day without worrying about bedtime. Incredible stamina.

Purchase it if..

  • You like to play games: Poco X3 Pro may be the greatest gaming phone at its pricing. Its power rivals certain last-generation top-end phones, allowing it to rip through games that would test more costly phones. Don’t worry about the graphical sliders.
  • You want two-day battery life: Xiaomi’s cheap phones endure a long time. The Poco X3 Pro’s battery life is ideal for gamers. You may play without worrying about crashing before night.
  • You want a great screen: The phone’s 120Hz FHD+ screen stands out among inexpensive phones. It’s crisper and smoother than similar-priced models.

don’t purchase it If…

  • Camera quality is a top priority: Phone’s camera hardware was reduced to fit the fast CPU. Its visuals are substantially softer, with less fine detail and texture detail. Not terrible, but not fantastic.
  • You want a small phone: Large phone. It’s thick, and the screen’s high-inch size and short height make it wider than some of the largest phones. This size isn’t unique, but it’s still crucial.
  • You want 5G: If you need 5G, search elsewhere than the Poco X3 Pro.

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