Nintendo is blamed for Frat House ethos and Sexual Assault

Nintendo is being accused of a “frat house” culture and sexual harassment. Another gaming firm is being investigated after the Activision Blizzard debacle.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed proceedings against Activision Blizzard in July 2021. Developers and publishers came under fire for the harsh environment as a result of the butterfly effect it caused.

Nintendo faces what Charges?

Former female Nintendo of America testers have made surprising charges in a Kotaku investigation. Underrepresentation in contractor and permanent posts led to vulgar jokes and improper behaviour, sources claim.


An unnamed tester told the site, “[Product testing] seemed like a frat house sometimes,” and she avoided a powerful guy in the department. Male coworkers allegedly made fun of “gender stereotypes” according to the source. She had heard that product testers had to be “tough”. Her boss praised her for being “tougher” than a colleague who sobbed at work.

The article’s main source is lesbian “Hannah.” Hannah alleges an older coworker approached her, and when she turned him down, he responded, “Lesbian? Saddening.” In February, a Lotcheck tester said it’s a “unsafe and unpleasant workplace for female testers.”

Has Nintendo Replied to these Allegations?

A Nintendo employee complained to the NLRB about monitoring, pressure, and retribution. Axios stated that one worker told they’d lose their job if they attended their grandpa’s funeral. Although Nintendo rejected “union-busting” actions, the subject went silent. Reggie Fils-Aimé, former Nintendo of America president, remarked, “This wasn’t Nintendo I left.”

Male and female testers complain about uneven remuneration, a familiar tale. Kotaku has emailed Nintendo and Aerotek about the fresh accusations, but has not heard back as of writing. Dough Bowser, president of Nintendo America, has decried similar behaviour at Activision Blizzard. Kotaku has urged anyone with similar stories to come forward.

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