Nico Robin: The Archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates

Nico Robin is a fictional character in the manga and anime series One Piece. She is the ninth Straw Hat Pirate and the crew’s archaeologist. She is also the only known survivor of the Buster Call on Ohara, an island of archaeologists who were wiped out by the World Government for their knowledge of the True History.

Who is Nico Robin?

With long, black hair and dark eyes, Robin is a tall, slim woman. She is extremely intelligent and knowledgable as well as an accomplished fighter; using the Devil Fruit power of Hana Hana no Mi to sprout arms from her body to attack from distance or create various traps against opponents.

Nico Robin

Robin is an intriguing and tragic character. She has witnessed much death and destruction in her lifetime, leading her to trust few people. Yet Robin found a home amongst the Straw Hat Pirates; coming to appreciate their friendship and acceptance.

Robin’s dream is to locate the Rio Poneglyph, an ancient stone tablet containing the True History of the world and which contains this knowledge will enable her to comprehend her place within it and grasp her place as part of it.

Some other interesting facts about Nico Robin

The Straw Hat Pirates are better off with Robin as a member. She excels at fighting, archaeology and is known as an invaluable friend – she serves as an example that even broken people can find happiness and redemption.

Here are some other interesting facts about Nico Robin:

  • Her birthday is February 6th.
  • She stands at 6’2″, or 188 cm.
  • Her Devil Fruit power, Hana Hana no Mi, allows her to sprout limbs from her body.
  • She is believed to be the sole known survivor of Buster Call on Ohara.
  • Her vision is to find the Rio Poneglyph and to discover the True History of our world.
  • She is the ninth Straw Hat Pirate.
  • Yuriko Yamaguchi voices her in the Japanese anime while Stephanie Sheh provides English dub.

She’s a complex yet well-developed individual who’s had an emotionally tragic history yet remains strong and capable. As part of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nico has played an essential part of the series’ narrative thus far and will likely play one again!

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