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New Warzone Map: Date of release, Photos and Game Play


New Warzone Map: Would you like more information about the new Warzone map? With Warzone 2 set for release on 20 October 2022 its map should soon be revealed Verdansk provides some clues as it’s likely there will be Modern Warfare 2 maps spread out throughout its expansive levels.

If you have not been following Modern Warfare 2 release date you may be surprised to find that developer are working hard to unite the Call of Duty universe.

Warzone 2 draws heavily upon Modern Warfare 2 story and engine advancements; you can expect significant upgrades in vehicles, AI and water as a result of their work.


A Grand Tour of Fortune’s Keep: New Warzone map

Due to being captured or killed, no one mentioned mercenary hideouts in the Mediterranean. Our Operators discovered Fortune’s Keep, an extravagant smuggler’s paradise filled with medieval barracks, an expansive winery and charming seaside villages – thanks to recent intelligence.

Fortune Keep is an all-new map created by Krystek and based on actual locations throughout the Mediterranean Sea. He wanted this map to be timeless yet evocative of somewhere you might visit; with an area taking over by pirates and mercenaries there is an interesting contrast in narrative style.


Up to 40 players can converge on this island, which is roughly equivalent in size to Rebirth Island. Alongside hostile and fellow Operators, you will also find mercenaries who attempt to steal Gold at times.

As well as the Town, Smuggler’s Cove, Keep, and Winery on the map, there are several additional landmarks and areas worth noting.

New Warzone map
New Warzone map


In 2021 Warzone map Verdansk was replaced with Caldera, rendering it unplayable. Call of Duty has since announced that Storage Town will return and will be located “between Mines, Airfield Village and Dig Site. Thankfully its surround hills allow easier viewing from afar while access to rooftops makes this location appear largely preserved.

New Warzone map


Caldera now features seven “Mercenary Bunkers,” openable bunkers which can be broken open for an assortment of valuable loot. However, accessing them will require one Key Card which can only be used once. One of these cards can be obtained in three ways: opening a Supply Box, completing a Contract or killing an enemy Operator with one in their hands (and taking it). Even though Bunkers can only be entered with Key Cards, players may still wait near the entrances until someone arrives and unlocks it, so that they can ambush and steal their loot for themselves. Since Bunkers can only be opened using Key Cards.

New Warzone map

The New Armoured SUV Vehicle

Caldera will see an introduction of an Armoured SUV during Midseason. This modified version of an existing SUV features extensive reinforcements, providing seating capacity for one driver, two passengers and one machine gunner; however these individuals will become much more vulnerable to incoming fire due to this modification.

Nitro Boost, as its name suggests, allows a driver to utilize short-term acceleration boost. Experienced drivers should know how best to utilize it to avoid danger or reduce it quickly.

New Warzone map


Golden Plunder game mode will only be available for a short while, providing players with an enhanced version of Plunder and Blood Money currently available and offering players more opportunity to win cash accumulation. The minimum required to win has been increased to $5 million while players in this version of the game have also seen broken ATMs that spew out money that they can take by camping out nearby – providing gamers with convenient camping spots!


As each new season starts players can look forward to receiving a new Battle Pass with exciting reward and bundles appearing soon in the Store. We only know of three operator and weapons being presented at this time (we don’t have access to them), but more information will be released.

  • Operator Butcher Carver has a Battle Pass level of zero.
  • Battle Pass Level 15: Marco 5 (FREE)
  • Battle Pass Tier 31: UGM-8 (Weapon) (FREE)

Players looking to unlock the final two items must complete their Battle Pass by reaching its required tiers but doing so is entirely up to them. Season 4 will bring with it an array of operators and weaponry which may be obtained in different ways:

  • A store bundle for Callum Hendry (Operator) is available.
  • Olowe (Operator): Obtainable via Store Bundle (Purchased)
  • EMP Grenade (Equipment): The method of acquisition is unknown.
  • Weapon Vargo-S: Unknown manner of acquisition
  • Weapon Push Dagger: Unknown mode of acquisition

Based on Warzone past its final two installments will likely involve challenges that require players to kill an impressive number of enemies quickly in an instant. Of course, this is all conjectural; how the Vargo-S and Push Dagger fit into players’ arsenals remains to be seen.

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As evidenced, EMP Grenades are non-damaging explosive devices which temporarily disable vehicles and remove HUDs of players caught within its blast, with its source still unidentified (although it could form part of their equipment arsenal).

The new black market supply run contract

Even if Caldera and Rebirth Island aren’t included in the current release, it’s feasible that this new Contract will be added at a later date. A new “Mercenary Buy Station” (marked in black and gold) is introduced in the Black Market Supply Run, a mix of Supply Run and Supply Drop contracts. The contract for the Black Market Supply Run is as follows:

  • The Contract is picked up by the player.
  • The map has been marked with a giant yellow circle and a “Infinite-Snake” marking.
  • A Mercenary Buy Station may be found in the middle of the circle.
  • As the player nears the Buy Station, the yellow circle gets smaller.
  • In addition, the Buy Station makes a noise to aid in the hunt.
  • The winning team can use the Cash they’ve earned to purchase highly powerful items.

At five figures or above, each object in this Buy Station appears unique, which adds further intrigue. All Operator Perks Miniguns, Foresight and the Specialist Bonus – can be carried around on transportable platforms easily allowing anyone who possesses financial means to acquire one to become quickly an extremely dangerous threat to opponents in Warzone.

New Warzone map

Mercenaries of Fortune Event

The Mercenaries of Fortune Event includes eight challenges connected with both Fortune’s Keep and Caldera (sorry Rebirth Island). Completion of one or all eight tasks could result in various prizes such as calling cards, weapon camo, or goods; upon successfully completing all eight challenges you will gain a gold skin for Armoured SUV – proof that those less accomplished possess superior taste!

New Warzone map


Raven Software is reworking Caldera’s map yet again with the release of Season 4. Some new mini POIs will also be added to open areas in order to improve visibility and concealment. The most significant changes are explained in this short video:

The most notable changes have been observed in the vegetation. The map’s rivers and nearly all of its bushes have been dried up by the game’s developers. So you’ll finally be able to see your enemies clearly, and some players’ performance should also improve. In order to maintain adequate protection, a few lesser-known POIs have been added, and get ready… Storage is back!

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