New Warzone Map: Date of release, photos, game play

New Warzone Map: If you’d like to learn more about the new Warzone map, please contact us. Since the release date of Warzone 2 has been set for October 20, 2022, the map for Warzone 2 will soon be revealed. If Verdansk is any indication, there will probably be some Modern Warfare 2 maps spread out across the huge level.

Even if you haven’t been paying attention to the Modern Warfare 2 release date, you might be surprised to learn that the developers are working to bring the Call of Duty universe together. Warzone 2 is based on Modern Warfare 2’s story and engine advancements. You can expect to see significant improvements to vehicles, AI, and water as a result of the work done by the developers.

A Grand Tour of Fortune’s Keep: New Warzone map

Because they were either captured or killed, no one mentioned a mercenary hideout in the Mediterranean. Our Operators, however, were able to uncover the lavish Fortune’s Keep, a smuggler’s paradise complete with a historic medieval barracks, a massive winery, and a bustling yet charming seaside village, thanks to recent intelligence.
Fortune’s Keep is an entirely new map, created by Krystek and based on actual locations in the Mediterranean. ‘We wanted this map to be timeless and evocative of a place you could visit. ‘” With this area taken over by a group of pirates and mercenaries, there is an interesting contrast in the narrative.

Up to 40 players can play on the island, which is roughly the same size as Rebirth Island. On the island, in addition to hostile and fellow Operators, there are mercenaries who attempt to steal Gold from time to time.

In addition to the Town, Smuggler’s Cove, the Keep, and the Winery on the map, there are a few other notable landmarks and areas.

New Warzone map
New Warzone map


In 2021, the original Warzone map Verdansk was removed from the game and replaced by the newer Caldera, making it unplayable. Call of Duty has announced that the Storage Town location will be returning and will be located “between the Mines, Airfield, Village, and Dig Site.” Though the surrounding hills make it easier to see the area from the outside and access the rooftops, it appears to have been largely preserved.

New Warzone map


New Warzone map In all of Caldera, there are seven openable bunkers that have been renamed “Mercenary Bunkers.” These bunkers can be broken open for a wide variety of valuable loot, but in order to access any of them, you will require a Key Card that can only be used once. You can get one of these cards in one of three ways: by opening a Supply Box, by completing a Contract, or by killing an enemy Operator and taking it from their body if they were already in possession of one. Even though Bunkers can only be accessed with Key Cards, some players may still wait around the entrances for other people to arrive and unlock them so that they can ambush them and take the loot for themselves. This is because Bunkers can only be opened with Key Cards.

New Warzone map

The New Armoured SUV Vehicle

During the Midseason, Caldera will receive a new vehicle known as the Armoured SUV. This vehicle is a modified version of the SUV that is currently available. It features extensive reinforcements and has the capacity to accommodate a driver, two passengers, and a gunner who works the machine gun turret on top; nevertheless, these individuals will be significantly more vulnerable to incoming fire as a result.

The car also features something called a Nitro Boost that the driver may employ, which is exactly what it sounds like: a short-term booster that massively enhances acceleration, which any experienced driver will know how to utilize successfully in order to either get away from danger or bring it to a stop.

New Warzone map


The Golden Plunder game mode will be available for a short time only. It is an enhanced version of the Plunder and Blood Money game modes that are already available, and it is essentially a variation of the basic model that focuses significantly more on the accumulation of cash. The minimum amount of money needed to win has been raised to $5 million, and the number of players in the game has been increased. There are also broken ATMs scattered all over the map that spit money that can be taken by players. These ATMs provide gamers with a useful camping spot, to say the least.


A new season implies a new Battle Pass, with new rewards, therefore new bundles will be available in the Store. As of right now, we don’t have access to the complete Battle Pass, but we do know that it will include at least one of the three new Operators and two new weapons. What we do know is as follows:

  • Operator Butcher Carver has a Battle Pass level of zero.
  • Battle Pass Level 15: Marco 5 (FREE)
  • Battle Pass Tier 31: UGM-8 (Weapon) (FREE)

In order to unlock the final two items, players must finish the Battle Pass to the required tiers, but they are free to do so. Season 4 will feature the addition of the following Operators and weaponry, which will be available in a variety of ways:

  • A store bundle for Callum Hendry (Operator) is available.
  • Olowe (Operator): Obtainable via Store Bundle (Purchased)
  • EMP Grenade (Equipment): The method of acquisition is unknown.
  • Weapon Vargo-S: Unknown manner of acquisition
  • Weapon Push Dagger: Unknown mode of acquisition

If Warzone’s past is any indicator, the final two will most likely revolve around in-game challenges that require players to kill a specified amount of enemies in a short period of time. This is just a conjecture, and how the Vargo-S and Push Dagger end up in players’ arsenals remains to be seen.

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It has been shown that the EMP Grenade is a non-damaging explosive that temporarily disables vehicles and removes players’ HUDs if they are caught in its blast, although it hasn’t been shown how to get it yet (it’s conceivable it will simply be added to the available equipment for the player).

The new black market supply run contract

Even if Caldera and Rebirth Island aren’t included in the current release, it’s feasible that this new Contract will be added at a later date. A new “Mercenary Buy Station” (marked in black and gold) is introduced in the Black Market Supply Run, a mix of Supply Run and Supply Drop contracts. The contract for the Black Market Supply Run is as follows:

  • The Contract is picked up by the player.
  • The map has been marked with a giant yellow circle and a “Infinite-Snake” marking.
  • A Mercenary Buy Station may be found in the middle of the circle.
  • As the player nears the Buy Station, the yellow circle gets smaller.
  • In addition, the Buy Station makes a noise to aid in the hunt.
  • The winning team can use the Cash they’ve earned to purchase highly powerful items.

At five figures or more, the objects in this special Buy Station look to be one-of-a-kind, which adds to the intrigue of the concept. All of Warzone’s Operator Perks, including Miniguns, Foresight, and the Specialist Bonus, are transportable. Anyone with the financial means to purchase one of these weapons will, without a doubt, become a very dangerous person very fast.

New Warzone map

Mercenaries of Fortune Event

Eight challenges make up the Mercenaries of Fortune Event, which is connected to both Fortune’s Keep and Caldera (sorry, Rebirth Island). These tasks could each result in a different prize, such as calling cards, weapon camo, or other goods. You will receive a gold skin for the Armoured SUV if you succeed in completing all of the challenges. This is as a result of the fact that the unaccomplished have the best taste.

New Warzone map


Raven Software is reworking Caldera’s map yet again with the release of Season 4. Some new mini POIs will also be added to open areas in order to improve visibility and concealment. The most significant changes are explained in this short video:

The most notable changes have been observed in the vegetation. The map’s rivers and nearly all of its bushes have been dried up by the game’s developers. So you’ll finally be able to see your enemies clearly, and some players’ performance should also improve. In order to maintain adequate protection, a few lesser-known POIs have been added, and get ready… Storage is back!


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