What happened between Sabrina Clement and Keith Randulich?

Keith Randulich: Mokena, Illinois in the United States was witness to one of the most tragic episodes ever. He committed an inhumane act by killing his younger sister under the delusion that it would serve her best interests; unfortunately many details surrounding their relationship before this event remain unknown.

Keith Randulich and Sabrina Clement were siblings. It is not unusual for parents to leave their children behind at times in order to attend important events, yet what transpired on May 22nd, 2009 left Keith family in complete shock.

Who is Keith Randulich?

Keith Randulich became widely-known across America after becoming involved in Sabrina Clement’s murder. He openly admitted and confirmed his responsibility in using a steak knife to end her life; an appalling incident which happened when Keith was only seventeen years old; his four-year-old sister became an innocent victim to Keith’s deadly actions.

What happened between Sabrina Clement and Keith Randulich?

Keith was born May 16th 1991 in Mokena Illinois where he spent much of his early years. Unfortunately, there is limited information regarding Keith’s parents as their identities remain unveiled publicly.

Full nameKeith Randulich
Date of birthApril 16th, 1991
Zodiac signAries
Age32 years old (As of 2023)
Place of birthMokena, Illinois, United States
PopularityMurder of Sabrina Clement

What happened between Sabrina Clement and Keith Randulich?

On May 22nd 2009, Sabrina Clement was murdered at her residence by Keith Randulich her 17 year old half brother who committed the act while their parents were out. Sabrina and Keith were left alone together at home while their parents were away. Autopsy results revealed that Sabrina had been repeatedly stabbed in the neck. Keith confessed to killing Sabrina with a steak knife, taking her into their Mokena, Illinois basement house where he used it to cut her throat. Keith seemed unrepentant for his actions and claimed he had saved Sabrina life by killing her to protect her from further sexual abuse by family members. Authorities conducted an autopsy but could find no sign of sexual assault during it; detectives discovered several disturbing items in Sabrina’s basement instead.

When did you last see Keith Randulich?

In 2011, Keith received a 40-year prison sentence for the murder of his younger sister. He admitted his guilt and was duly convicted. However, the question arises: is Keith Randulich alive today? Various assertions have been made regarding the death of this Mokena native, but these claims lack substantiation since no obituary for Keith Randulich can be found. He is alive and serving his prison sentence.

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