groovy bot Invite, and Use Groovy Music Bot on Discord

groovy bot Invite, and Use Groovy Music Bot on Discord

Groovy bot: Discord is easily among the most featured compact chat software which is currently available. It’s available on multiple distinct platforms, including the net. For this reason, you can essentially access anywhere at any time. Among the very few handy features in the program has got to be able to assign robots. The choice to add bots to handle specific roles on a server is a life-saver. It radically reduces the amount of work you need to do manually.

The Groovy Music bot is among the most popular bots to play audio. This will significantly enhance the user experience on your Discord server because who does not enjoy listening to music, right?

groovy bot Invite, and Use Groovy Music Bot on Discord

The Groovy Music bot isn’t hard to establish. The whole procedure should take no more than a couple of minutes. You’ll require an active host on Discord to set up the Groovy Music bot. Therefore, if you’ve got a Discord server up and running, you can follow these steps to receive this trendy music bot on your server.

Notice: You should have the Manage Server consent to your host. You Want to include the Groovy Music Bot.

  • To start, you need to pay a visit to the site.
  • Click the Add to Discord button, which will be visible online page.
  • Sign up with your Discord account in case you are not logged in already.
  • The permissions Groovy Bot needs will be shown on the monitor. Click the drop-down menu and pick the Discord server you would like to bring the Groovy Music bot onto Discord.
  • Click Proceed and click Authorize to complete the task.
  • You’ll be asked to confirm that you are human.
  • The Groove Music Bot is going to be added to a Discord server when the confirmation was completed.

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How to use the bot on your Discord server groovy bot?

Once the GroovyMusicbot has been added to a Discord server, there are a couple of basic commands that you want to know to use it. In the steps below, we’ll demonstrate the basic commands to play music, add music to the queue and more.

How to play audio :

To play music through the GroovyMusicBot, you need to be connected to a music channel. Together with the command below, you can begin enjoying a soundtrack on Discord.

-drama "link or search query."

For instance, the Perform control followed by the connection may play the sound from a tune on YouTube. The tune will automatically start playing when you hit Input.

How to pause or restart music playback:

After entering the command pause control, the sound will be paused. On the other hand, music could be resumed by entering the following command:


To make a music playlist, you may use the Perform control together with the link or search query from a supported service. When a track is playing, it will load the Input and add it to the current queue.

The best way to view the queue:

To See the present queue on Groovy Music Bot, enter the following command: This will display all of the tracks which are in the queue in their respective order.

To look at the whole list of available commands, you can head over to The premium update will give you access to some other helpful features. These include access to volume control, sound effects, 24/7 music playback, saved queues and much more. With this out of the way, we are now at the end of the manual. We hope these measures enable you to install the GroovyMusicBot on your Discord server.


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