New trailer reveals Final Fantasy 16’s 2023 release date

Final Fantasy 16 release date: At The Game Awards 2022, a new teaser for Final Fantasy 16 was shown. It showed new gameplay clips and gave the release date of June 22, 2023.

The latest clip featured gameplay from Final Fantasy 16’s action-oriented battle system. The game’s epic Summon fight system was also demonstrated, with Ifrit arriving on screen and dwarfing the human players.

Final Fantasy 16 release date Announced

Final Fantasy 16 release date Announced

Finally, in October, the “Ambition” video for Final Fantasy 16 gave us a deeper look at the game’s characters, the realm of Valisthea, and its many kingdoms, as well as how crystals (a Final Fantasy staple dating back to the original game) fit into the tale.

Even though it looks a lot like Ivalice, which is where Final Fantasy 12 and FF Tactics take place, many people have compared it to grimdark fantasy worlds like Westeros from Game of Thrones. We talked a lot about this in our exclusive interview with the production team.

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