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Death Stranding Game: Hit to Sony May Come From Pass Release


Death Stranding might be making a huge reappearance, so avoid the timefall rain. Hideo Kojima’s PlayStation-exclusive may be headed to Microsoft.

Kojima Productions’ debut game, released in 2019, was distinct from Metal Gear. Some found Death Stranding too unique. The game received accolades, made news for imitating COVID-19, and gained new fans with its PS5 director’s cut.

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Can we Expect Death Stranding on Game Pass?

Is it time for Death Stranding to find a new home? PC Game Pass’ Twitter profile photo is a dismal Game backdrop, much like Kojima’s cryptic teasers.
The message says, “Sometimes we just like a good landscape picture #NewProfilePic,” but some speculated whether there’s more to it. This misty background seems like Death Stranding, yet it may be from another game. Does this confirm Game’s Pass release?

Death Stranding

Some players believe they located the location, but others aren’t sure. “Starfield-like,” wrote one. One said, “PlayStation controls the IP, so keep quiet. Would PS sell an Xbox IP? First time.” Since DeathStranding is already on PC (and distributed by 505 Games), a PC Game Pass release is conceivable.

Death Stranding Sequel: Is it on The Way?

As this is PC Game Pass, you won’t be able to play on Xbox. Sony would seem like a fool if it lost an exclusive to a competitor, even in a nontraditional fashion. This isn’t Kojima Productions’ only major announcement.


We know Kojima is working on something new, and he’s a master at teasing. Some thought Overdose was a game’s sequel earlier this year. Even though Overdose is unique, DeathStranding 2 has been discussed.

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