Cult of the Lamb: Is it a Multiplayer Game? February 2023

Cult of the Lamb multiplayer has been requested, but the makers have said the launch content would centre on single-player. Cult of the Lamb lets you construct your own cult, develop your flock, and battle heretics. Some players prefer to form a cult with pals, so read on to find out whether Cult of the Lamb has multiplayer.

Cult of the Lamb: Is it a Multiplayer Game?

For the Cult of the Lamb release version, there will be no multiplayer or cooperative mode. Despite the absence of internet capability at launch, the game’s art director, James Pearmain, has considered adding it post-launch, saying, “it’s absolutely something we’d want to do, but not for its official debut.”

Cult of the Lamb

He said, “I believe coop mode would be nice, but we need to figure out how it would work. We’ve never given online co-op, so it would be a problem for us.” That implies gamers who are holding off on playing the game owing to the absence of online or coop features may get their desires after launch. Pearmain stated it’s not sure, and without strong plans, we don’t know whether online functioning would be more cooperative or PvP.

We’ll update this guide if multiplayer or coop is announced for Cult of the Lamb.

That’s it for our overview of Cult of the Lamb multiplayer. The launch version won’t include multiplayer or coop, but it’s possible for future upgrades.

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