How to Watch “Christmas on Mistletoe Lake” Lifetime movie premiere?

“Christmas on Mistletoe Lake” Lifetime movie premiere: When a woman gets lost in a lakeside town, she finds herself in the middle of a beautiful holiday tradition. Christmas on Mistletoe Lake starts tonight at 8/7c on Lifetime. You can stream it with Philo and DIRECTV Stream.

In this new holiday movie on Lifetime, Reilly is a Christmas adventurer who chooses a new place to explore every year. This holiday season, she decides to go to Mistletoe Lake, a quiet place, but when she gets there, the only place to stay is full. It seems that Reilly found out about an annual Harbor Festival that brings a lot of excited boaters to their one bed and breakfast.

“Christmas on Mistletoe Lake” Lifetime movie premiere

“Christmas on Mistletoe Lake” Lifetime movie premiere

Emma, a local 12-year-old girl, then invites her to stay on the boat her dad owns. He’s going to sell it soon, so why not? As the three get to know each other, Emma’s wish to stop her dad, Raymond Mitchell, from selling his beloved boat moves Reilly. So, they decide to work together to try to change Raymond’s mind and get him to go to the holiday festival. Tonight at 8/7c on Lifetime, the first episode of Christmas on Mistletoe Lake will be shown.


  • Genelle Williams
  • Corey Sevier
  • Hattie Kragten
  • Robin Dunne

Where to Watch “Christmas on Mistletoe Lake” Lifetime movie premiere?

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