On this page, we have managed to share the official usb driver for Asus Fonepad Device. If in case you were already searching for the usb driver for this device, then this page will help you out.

There are 2 usb driver available for your device. One is for Flashing the Stock Firmware and another is for normal connecting the device to the computer.

Asus Fonepad driver For Flashing Firmware

Download Intel Driver

How to Install (video)

Asus Fonepad driver For Normal Connecting

Download ADB Driver

How to Install (video)

How to install driver manually:

Step 1: Download and extract the driver on your computer.
Step 2: Open Device Manager and Click on Add the Legacy Hardware Menu.
Step 3: Click Next.
Step 4: Select Install the hardware that I manually Select from a list.
Step 5: Locate the extracted driver manually on your computer.
Step 6: Click Add.
Step 7: Your Driver will be installed and listed in the Device Manager.


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