Apple AirTag Review: Expensive but Useful

Apple AirTag Review: Since its inception, the Apple AirTag tracker has proved handy to iPhone users who misplace their keys, wallets, etc. It only works with iPhone 11 or later or iPads running iPadOS 14.5 or later.

Apple AirTag Review: This helpful device may be inserted into or attached to another item to help you find it.
First, there’s an emitter that emits an audible beep to assist you in discovering your AirTag. If you want additional accuracy, link your iPhone with the Apple AirTag and utilize its Bluetooth and ultra-wideband signal. While in range of the tag, your smartphone may utilize its accelerometer, camera, and gyroscope to give you onscreen instructions.

Design of Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag Review: AirTag is roughly the size of a quarter or £2 coin and weighs about 0.4oz / 11g. The stainless steel disc features a detachable plastic cover that holds the AirTag’s CR2032 battery and a built-in speaker that emits a sound when the Find My app on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac is used to locate it.

Apple AirTag Review: AirTag features no clip or tag and fits in a bag, wallet, or coat pocket. Optional leather and silicone key fobs and loops are available from Apple and third-party vendors like Belkin.
The AirTag has an IP67 certification, so it can withstand an inadvertent dive in a puddle or the bath. You can add text, numbers, and emojis on the smooth plastic shell using Apple’s free engraving service. Both sides of the AirTag were scuffed after a few days of usage.

Apple AirTag Review

Performance of Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag Review: AirTag was easy to set up, like other iPhone accessories. After we removed the AirTag from its packing, our iPhone instantly recognised it. We named the AirTag, and it appeared on our Apple ID’s Items menu. The AirTag fit well into our leather key fob and handbag strap loops.

Tap the AirTag in the Find My app to play sound. Find My took a few seconds to connect to the AirTag and produce three cycles of five electrical beeps, which measured 64db on our sound metre – loud enough that we could hear it from under the couch cushions.

Apple AirTag: Battery Life

Apple AirTag Review: Apple’s AirTag is powered by a CR2032 battery, which will last more than a year if used four times a day and once for Precision Finding.

No battery level indicator means we can’t know how much our testing consumed the battery.

To replace the battery, hold the AirTag with the colourful side down, then twist to the right.

Purchase it if

  • You want clear directions to misplaced items: Precision Finding makes it simpler to find missing objects than merely listening for the AirTag’s sound, owing to on-screen instructions and a distance countdown. It’s the only location tracker on the market with this capability.
  • You’re concerned about privacy: Apple has included various privacy measures into AirTags to prevent abuse, such as alerting you if an unfamiliar AirTag is travelling with you and preventing you from setting up an AirTag for someone else.
  • You want to personalize the look: You can simply alter the appearance of an AirTag with suitable loops and key fobs in a variety of colours and finishes, including leather and silicone.

If You are in Budget

  • You’re on a budget: At $29 / £29 / AU$45, the AirTag is similarly priced to other location trackers on the market, but if you want to attach them to keys, bags, or anything else, you’ll need to purchase an optional strap or keyfob, which Apple’s own accessories carry the same or a higher price tag, making these an expensive way to reunite yourself with misplaced items.
  • You have an Android device: AirTags can’t be set up or used with an Android phone or tablet, so if you don’t have one, forget it.
  • You want to share your location tracker: Giving a family member access to a GPS tracker might assist find a lost item, particularly if you assume it’s still at home. AirTags don’t give that, unlike Tile.

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